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Tony Davis (Principal Solicitor and Consultant)

Tony Davis is the foundering solicitor of TDA and has practised law in NSW Australia since 1969. Tony has an outstanding personal reputation for his legal and strategic advice in his chosen areas of expertise.

For a number of years, Tony was legal adviser to the Chamber of Manufacturers and to the Direct Selling Association of Australia. Since founding his own firm in 1974, he has specialised in the areas of MLM, networking, direct selling, advertising and sales promotion laws for over 40 years. Tony has considerable experience in networking, web-based compliance and credit laws. Tony is a leading authority on industrial relations and the distinction between agent/employee relationships.

Tony is the author of three books on the subjects of direct selling and the distinction between agent and employee relationship. Over the past 20 years, he has written numerous articles and conducted lectures and presentations throughout Australia and New Zealand on those subjects.


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