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Kelly Tudhope (Solicitor and Consultant) LBB/BSocSc (Waikato University, NZ)

Kelly Tudhope practises as a solicitor in NSW, Australia and is also admitted to practice in New Zealand. She is also a social scientist with considerable experience in ethics, and has taught Kelly Tudhope (Solicitor and Consultant) LLB/BSocSc (Waikato University, NZ) and lectured on various issues. Kelly is TDA’s legal researcher and is heavily involved in training clients to meet their legal obligations.

Kelly has a special interest in environmental, human rights and intellectual property issues. She is the author of numerous articles and has conducted numerous presentations on the environmental and ethical impacts of genetic engineering. She has provided consultancy advice to grass roots organisations and co-authored a book comparing the environmental impacts of organic agriculture and genetic engineering. She has also conducted numerous presentations on climate change.


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